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Lost & Forgotten Stones: The First Set

The first set of the series of "Lost & Forgotten Stones." Besides this semester, the litho stones at UNLV have not been touched for at least 5 years. I decided to take advantage of these beautifully drawn stones to gain practice, learn more, and get comfortable with Stone Lithography.


While examining these dusty stones, I realized I could incorporate other elements to these images and create a (somewhat) collaborated piece with past "unknown" art students/artists of UNLV.


With this first print, I recycled a simple aluminum litho color plate I made about year ago and layered it with one of the found stones that I saw to be a great fit. This is just the start of the new series. Stay tuned for more prints. The next one will be more than just an additional color layer.

Lost & Forgotten Stones: The Broken One

The second print from the series of "Lost & Forgotten Stones." This time around, I chose a 2 piece broken stone. Surprisingly, I was able to revive both broken pieces.


Unfortunately with each print produced, the stones began to crack and chip every time it ran through the press. Because of that I limited the edition. The second layer was of my own recycled aluminum lithographic plates that was used in previous pieces.

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