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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Linocut print from "Group Hug" show

This idea stemmed from my linocut prints from the last 3 galleries I participated in: them, Group Hug and Valley of Faces. With each show I started digging deeper and deeper into muscle anatomy. For them, the approach was more so loose and illustrative.

Reductive linocut from "them" exhibition

In Group Hug I created a single print that was much more refined and anatomically correct.

Drawing over linocut print used in "Group Hug" show

For the Valley of Faces exhibition, I used the anatomy to help create contrast and and negative space which ultimately gave better depth to the rendered figure.

Linocut on vellum, used in "Valley of Faces" Exhibition

As of now, I’m using muscle anatomy to help improve proportion in my drawings. I do plan on bringing this approach back to linocut prints. But I feel like I really need to refine my fundamental techniques.

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